Thursday, March 14, 2013

Getting Supplies Mobile for In-House

I recently posted about how I have organized my crafting so that I can easily craft in my stamp room or out with friends.  But as I sat in my craft room and worked on my scrapbook the other night, I had another thought.  How can I get these supplies mobile for just taking up to the kitchen if I want to?  

Yes, I love my crafty room.  It's a space that's all mine.  And it's the only place in the house without Legos on the floor, yahooo!  But I homeschool, and my boys are home with me all day, every day.  So I am not able to retreat down to the craft room as much as I would like right now.  I mostly just go to the stamp room at night when the kids are in bed.  

So that's what spawned my desire to find another "mobile system" for crafting, within my own house.  

What quickly came to mind was a wooden tray that I had in the garage, waiting for its special purpose to be revealed.  I brought it in and quickly cleaned it up with an e-cloth.  Then I rearranged a few pieces in order to have a spot for the tray.  

I pulled white sterilite drawers from under the stamp table and put them over to the side of the table.  That allowed for me to put a nomadic house stool next the wall.  Yay, a new home for my tool caddy.  Then the tray went on top of the white drawer system that houses whale punches.  

I went ahead and put my scrapbooking supplies onto the tray.  Random ribbon, twine, designer papers, my foldable trash bin from 31 Bags, and a tin with journal pens, journal pieces, corner rounder, and mini stapler.  

The tray is right next to my work space downstairs but can easily be carried up to the kitchen table.  That saves having to carry 5 individual pieces up and down the stairs, and that makes a big difference.  

Do you have a good system for crafting anywhere you want in the house?  I hope you are inspired today!


Debbi said...

Great idea!! Love the ingenuity - I'm a homeschooler too.

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Thanks, Debi! I would love to hear more about your homeschooling. :)