Wednesday, February 20, 2013

e-cloth for Paper Crafting!

Last weekend, I attended an overnight crop.  I had a blast!  I talked more than I cropped, but that's another topic.  ;)

As many of you know, my Milk Allergy Mom blog is now an online retailer for e-cloth's microfiber cleaning products, "the perfect cleaning with just water".  e-cloth has been in the UK for nearly 20 years, and the products are used to clean and disinfect using just water!  Chemical-free cleaning is all over Europe and Canada, and I hope it takes off in the U.S. soon because we use too many chemicals!

I've become a bit obsessed and attached to my easy cleaning cloths so I actually took them along to the crop.  One, I had to show them off.  And two, I planned to use them if needed.  :)

And as it turns out, I found a damp General Purpose Cloth most helpful with my crafting!

1.  A damp General Purpose Cloth kept my table area squeaky clean.  Quick drying is awesome!

2.  A damp General Purpose Cloth cleaned acrylic blocks and rubber stamps to restore a great cling!

3.  A damp General Purpose Cloth kept my fingers clean, no fingerprints on my pictures!

With playing with my "greasy" hair often and snacking continually, being able to wipe my hands clean with just water was a huge time saver at the crop.  No more getting up to wash my hands at a sink all the time to keep my pictures clean.  Quick wipes with the e-cloth also saved my dry, cracked hands from too much soap and water washing.

If you want a cloth for wiping fingerprints off of your PICTURES, you would need to use a dry cloth.  I recommend the "Glasses Cloth" as a small, compact option for crafters.  :)

Did you know that e-cloth's General Purpose Cloth was chosen by Real Simple Magazine as the "Best Overall Cleaning Product" for 2012?!  It's good for up to 300 machine washings, dries quickly, and can be used all over your home (kitchens, bathrooms, dusting, crafting, windows, etc) for sanitizing and cleaning with just water!

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And if you would like to purchase your own General Purpose Cloth to try, you can click the cupcake logo on the top right sidebar to enter our store and look around or you can simply click below to purchase the General Purpose Cloth.  It comes in yellow, blue, dark green, and my favorite...lavender.  :)  I would love you to give e-cloth and chemical-free cleaning a try.  I guarantee you will love it!

General Purpose Cloth


Shauna said...

Well, now I can rescue the poor e-cloth left in the drawer as it's twin gets to have all the fun in kitchen! Now, I will literally have, AND USE, and e-cloth in every room. Thanks, Jamie!!

And, I'm with you...that much snacking can get in the way of clean scrapping. Problem solved!

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Exactly, Shauna. Let that poor thing out of hiding. Isn't it crazy that just one cloth can get all the attention all week long?!