Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Update on Summer Smooches Sampler

 Thanks for all the Sampler orders already!  You have until May 10th to put in your final orders for this quarter's samplers.

I have an update to the Smooches Sampler as I only pictured SEVEN cards!  Nobody caught that?  Or  you too nice to tell me that I can't count?  Hee, hee.  Either way, I caught the mistake and have taken a new picture of the EIGHT cards.

You can view the official and updated Summer Smooches Sampler post HERE.  

I have also added a very technological diagram for you to know how to cut your designer papers down.  If you do it this way, you can get over 20 MORE cards made in this design, with your own card bases!  Or make your yellow cards into postcards and stretch out the yellow cardstock that way.  :)  It's great how a little designer paper can go a long way like this!

I've gotten a lot of sampler orders so far but would love to get more!  Contact me to sign up for YOUR samplers soon!  :)  

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