Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Get Vertical

To the tune of Olivia Newton John's song, "Get Physical", let's sing "Get vertical, vertical..I wanna get vertical". Ok, now that we've got that out of the way...

This is what I had to do in my new, SMALL stamping space, GET VERTICAL. This poor room has been a dressing room, a spare bedroom, a computer room, a nursery...and now it's becoming a stamping/exercise room. Anyone have a used elliptical they want to sell, LOL. Because I've saved a whole 72 inches just for that. I know, such self control...when I easily could have let the stamps take over the whole room.

Anyways, in this little cranny of the room, I had my stamp armoire and filing cabinet. The space on top of these things has been wasted for years! Don't get me wrong, I often thought of "getting vertical" with storage, but I was afraid it would make the room look pretty cluttered and well...desperate for that matter. But after doing some craft organization research online, I figured out that I was onto something with the vertical idea! So many crafters have pulled it off with CLASS...floor to ceiling...organization at its FINEST!

So shopping I went...again...while sick. Organizing is one of the few things I can still do when sick...that and feed my kids. Anyways, I found these sturdy plastic cubes at Target. They have a whole line of these organizational bins. You can get smaller cubbies in the cubes, drawers, shelves, you name it. I just wanted the big cubes because I had the smaller tins and containers to fill them.

The cubes fit my 12x12 scrapbooks perfectly! And as you can see I found a good use and place for all the turquoise tins I've been hoarding. They contain my stashes of adhesive, embellishments, and more. I guess my room is going for a turquoise theme...the tins, the scrapbook, the latest Rubbermaid color, the tote...it wasn't intentional but it's working.

The vertical idea is good for keeping safety hazards from the boys, too. The Rubbermaid has all my new sewing gear, including the deadly rotary cutter. And I keep my liquids like stamp cleaners up there high too. Oh, and I found the coolest folding stepstool at Wallyworld to have on hand for reaching my stuff up high. I'm short!

I can't believe how much "stuff" I have fit into this vertical space...and there's room for more. Whatcha think? Are you ready to "get vertical" too?!


Theresa Tyree said...

Looks great, Jamie! I've gone vertical, horizontal, all over the floor everywhere in my room. It's a mess. Can you come over and help me get it under control??? ha ha!!

Anne Alagna said...

I knew I was hoarding turquoise for a reason, just didnt know why... apparently YOU are why! LOL. Found your post from a google search of scraproom organization. Love it!