Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Document Organizer

Ok, I know to some of you...ok....MOST of you, this does not look like the most exciting organization in the world. But let me tell ya, I LOVE it! Jeff was sick and couldn't hang it for a day, and it was just killing me....KILLING me! But now it's up, and I LOVE it just as much as I thought I would. Yep, I said the word "love". That's right, I have organization sickness...that's all there is to it.

So the story goes that as a Stampin' Up Demonstrator, I often have order forms, catalogs, receipts...PAPERWORK...lying around my computer. I try to keep it all in nice piles, but it drives me nutty. Now that I have my craft table back, I was finding that it was for the most part cleared off except for PAPERWORK. That's when the mission began for a way to put the WORK on the WALL. I found this super 3 tiered document rack at Staples. It can go on a table or on the wall. There are only TWO things I am allowing to be screwed into the wall for "mission organization"...and this is one of them.

Now my catalogs, receipts, and even my cleaning pad (another table hog that never has a good home) are happily hanging out NEAR my table but not ON it taking up precious stamping space. Yay, happy me!

Anyone out there care? LOL!!!!

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Holly said...

that is so nice to be able to have these things handy without having them in your way! NICE