Wednesday, February 20, 2013

2013 Craft Room Revamp ~ Pretty Things I Collect & Dust

I've been organizing this week!  I have figured out that this pretty much happens each new year.  It's kind of how I celebrate my birthday.  ;)  

Click on the pictures to see more details as you read on.  

My file cabinet still holds my card rack for cards I am selling.  Something new is putting cards from friends into a huge glass canister.  I love that!  Both the rack and canister are on my file cabinet.  I decided to tape pictures onto the file cabinet as putting them on with magnets was getting messy looking.  Now I freed up some cutesy magnets for my magnetic dry erase board (see later).  

My white tower shelf is still full of baskets.  Baskets for giveaways, baskets of sale items, baskets of card samples...  Oh, and plates for food photos at Milk Allergy Mom.  

My favorite part of the tower is the crate of blue jars.  I got these at resale stores.  The wood clothespins are good for wrapping ribbon around.  And the wood cubes are just decorative until my boys ask for them.

My stand-up table now houses an oblong milk glass dish (great for holding accessory containers from SU), a ceramic egg carton from Mike's, my Joann's white organizer (bought last year), and my adorable new, purple   ceramic strawberry basket.  Squeeeeel!  Love it!

Oooo, my hutch shelves are reorganized.  I kept the canisters up top.  But I put my Copics and Sharpies out now.  The Sharpies look much happier in the milk glass goblets.  Ooooo la la!  More milk glass houses SU accessory containers.  Love my metal shopping cart from the antique store and wire basket from consignment, too.  They house ribbon.  The Sizzix embossing machine matches the Copics tote too well...on accident.  The little white coffee cup is from Goodwill.  :)  And a big thing of twine always adds a natural touch, don't you think?

I am REALLY liking this new solution.  On my sit-down table, I put a wine crate across the front.  It was from an antique store, and I got it for free when I bought all the blue jars inside it.  I would have paid for the crate.  ;)  But don't tell them that.  I put the perfect sized milk glass vases inside to corral all my go-to supplies like clear blocks, writing tools, and the candy dish of course!

And I am GAGA over the clothespins that clip nicely onto the crate.  It's now the perfect place to clip up my finished products or notes as I work.  Last night I finished these cards for upcoming Stamp Club.

More things I dust are the items on my Memory Keepers wall shelf.  I collected some ice cream dishes, salt shakers, and milk glass vases at Goodwills and consignment.  I bought my Ball Jars at Meijer although they are usually at resale places.

In case you are wondering, I don't live at Goodwill and consignment stores.  I just get in the mood a couple times a year to go searching for things.  And I always find useful items!  Then I get it out of my system for 6 months or so.  :)  My garage sales are always part of my purging and making room for more treasure finds because I'm not really a hoarder.

I love having all these special, unique items as part of my organizing.  Cutesy items inspire me, and I love to be in my stamp room surrounded by all the fun things around me.

But with all this cutesy stuff on display comes dusting.  I get asked about that.  And honestly, I don't dust as much as I should.  But in my reorganizing, I used my new e-cloth dust cloths and seriously, they made the job MUCH easier.  It's nice when a cloth will actually PICK UP the dust and not just push it around and into the air.  I foresee dusting more often now that I have e-cloths!

Yep, I use both the dusting and general purpose e-cloths for crafting.  :)  Feel free to purchase at our online e-cloth store!

Stay tuned for other parts of my 2013 stamp room revamp including storing scrapbooks, hidden items, and organizing those darn scraps of cardstock!

Dusting Cloths (2 Cloths)


Mandy said...

cute, cute! it does feel good to be freshly organized and working in a clean space! love my milk glass in my craft space too...and i finally got my turquoise berry basket!

Leanne said...

This looks amazing Jamie. I use a milk glass goblet to hold pens on my desk. I love it. I've been working on my craft room too. I've been purging some of the things I know I'll never use. The cloths are awesome. I'll email you about them this weekend.

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Well, I know I should have stopped at just one like you. But I have a bad "collectors" habit. I can never stop at one! ;) I look forward to chatting with you soon!

Debbi said...

Oh my word, your space is adorable!!! You must feel so creative just walking in the door!! I love all your pics - thank you for sharing!!

Steph @ Crafting in the Rain said...

The clothespins are a great touch!

Amy at Ameroonie Designs said...

Such fun containers for all your storage. They look so collected. I try to do that and it just looks messy. ;)
Thanks for linking up to Point of view.