Friday, March 16, 2012

Organizing The Stamp Table

This little table has been my stamping table for many years. But when we moved to our house two years ago, I added a stand-up table to the mix and had most of my essentials there. The New Year Stamp Room Revamp has mostly entailed getting my essentials back to the sit-down table.

I wanted as much surface space as possible for actually crafting so I tried to minimize any product storage on the table. So you will see how I have a lot of things SURROUNDING the table instead. ;)

But I do need the bare essentials at my fingertips: scissors, adhesive, bone folder, a few pens and pencils, mist cleaner, lotion, and chapstick, ha! I found this narrow organizer at and put it on the right side of my table.

At the top of my table I have my beloved OTT lite and SU's accessory organizer.

At the left of my table, I set up my punch organizer and have my markers handy. My punch cards, business cards, and acrylic blocks are atop the wooden punch rack. The punch rack is actually a Napa Valley wine rack from the antique store.

I also utilized some space on the floor by my table. I snagged an unused, heavy stool of the boys' to prop up my ink pad holder. Then my copics sit below. It looks like a fun little color station. The other wine rack with stamp sets in it is just an afterthought. I'm waiting to see how I like it there. I also still have my cleaner pad stuck to the wall with Command velcro.

I also slid a Sterilite cart under the table. I'm here to report that the bulky old-style punches have made their way back to the cart, ha! Top drawer is OVALS. Second drawer is SQUARES. Third drawer is CIRCLES. Fourth drawer is SPECIALTY punch shapes like labels and such. The good thing about changing things around periodically is that you really learn what works and what doesn't! I guess those punches were destined for the cart drawers after all.

My Making Memories shelf (Michaels with 50% coupon) is on the wall between my table and hutch. It holds buttons, ribbons, individual stamps, sponge daubers, sponges, sanding blocks, Smootches, Dazzling Details, etc.

Many of my other essentials like ribbon, stamp sets, accessories, dies, folders, etc. are in and on the hutch, just a swivel away.

And that is how I plan to get lots of stamping done while sitting in my cozy new office chair. $40 on sale from Office Depot. :) Oh, I also left enough room at the top of my table to bring my laptop down. I like to listen to Pandora or talk radio while I'm stamping. And I love to pull up card inspiration from online. :)


Mandy said...

you look ready to roll! or stamp anyways...hehe! looks good!

Carole said...

Jamie, it all looks wonderful:) It sure seems to be efficient and user friendly.

perennial-mommy said...

Love your space! Glad I found your blog from SCS - looking forward to reading more. :)

Red said...

I love the idea of using velcro to put your stamp scrubber on the wall!

Also - love your ink pad storage. Where did you find that?

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Hi Red! Ya know, I get asked about the ink pad storage all the time. It was an online company that seems to be "no more"... :( The sticker says StampNStore...I got it several years ago. Sorry that's no help. Thanks for visiting.