Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Organization: Punches

Hey Friends! I thought I might show you some of my newest organizational methods in the stamp room. Today we will start with punch storage.

I have had my punches in a rolling Sterilite Cart with shallow drawers for a couple years. It worked fine for the old lever style punches. But once I started accumulating the new compact style punches, I was getting unhappy with the drawers. They weren't the right fit for the new narrow punches. Those need to be stored on their sides for maximizing space, and in the drawers they had to lie flat. I also hated stacking them and scratching the tops.

My new favorite thing to do when searching for storage is to hit resale stores! I'm getting better at seeing old things and imagining new ways to use them. So at the antique store one weekend, with Miles in tow, I saw this little rack for $10. I didn't know it was a wine rack until the worker told me it was. But it does have a Napa Valley stamp on it so I guess he's probably right. I wasn't sure what punches it should store, but I knew I could use it for something!

Then at the next antique store that day, I saw this crate with blue jars in it. Who knew...when I was on the hunt for blue jars months ago, I couldn't find them. Now here were three very nice ones, with lids, and all I really wanted was the crate. It was also stamped "Napa Valley". The price sheet on it was weird, something about getting the crate free with the purchase of the jars. All I know is that I left the store with three blue jars and the perfect crate for storing punches...all for $10.50.

After I found the second crate, I knew how it would work. Flat punches in the crate, on my hutch. And bulky punches on the rack, against the wall. :)

See how snug they look?

Oh, and here are the afterthought jars, which I really do like. :) Right now they are on display in the stamp room...storing wooden craft supplies. Now I see these jars more...they run about $5 average. So I guess I got a deal on three jars AND a crate for $10. THAT'S why I love to go on the hunt. It's a little time consuming, but well worth it! I usually end up with something "perfect" for what I need. :)

How do you like to store your punches? We'd love to hear!

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Angela aka disneychick said...

Too cool! What a great way to repurpose something! I store my punches in a shoe bag that hangs on the door...I like your idea much better, but until we get done moving, my shoe bag will have to work! :D Thanks for sharing your neat ideas!