Thursday, March 10, 2011

March Share - Patterns DSP $13

It's time for another share! As I was stamping my new little tea kettle stamp from Morning Cup, I so wished I had some of this paper to paper-piece the little image. So guess what product share I just have to do now? That's right, I'm selfish. If I need all the colors in Pattern DSP, maybe you do too. :)

You will get 90 sheets of 6x6 papers from ALL the Pattern DSP. If you bought all these packs individually, it would cost nearly $120. Or you can get them all, in smaller doses, for just $13! Long-distance shipping within the U.S. is an additional $3.

I will need 6 participants for the first share. A second share is not guaranteed unless we have another 8 people. So contact me quickly if you don't want to miss out. :) Pre-payment is required by Thursday, March 17th.

Want a visual? This one is good. You will receive:

All the In-Colors:

All the Neutrals:
All the Soft Subtles:
All the Regals:
And all the Brights:
You can purchase more than one share too if you'd like. If you want two shares kept 12x6", we can do that too.

Have a happy day!


Theresa Tyree said...

How can I resist? Me! While I'm here, I really want to come next week, but with gas at $3.35/gal. it can't happen. :( I'd rather take the $60 I'd spend on gas and put towards goodies, kwim? Maybe we can meet half way in STL for a scrappy weekend at Archivers. We can rent a room at the hotel nearby. If we can get four of us in one room, that'd cut our cost down. Lmk if that sounds possible. I wanna hug your neck IRL really much!

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Hey Tree, I totally know what you mean. I think the same way! Gas prices stink, and they are way worse in IL than in MO. A meet-up sounds awesome. We each bring a bud and have a ball. Let's plan it! Thank you just for being in my club. My neck will have your awesome necklace on it for sure!