Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Stamp Room Revamp

I was supposed to be getting ready for this week's January Stamp Club. Instead, I found myself reorganizing AND cutsifying my stamp room. I am happy to report that so far in this revamp, I have spent zero dollars. I just moved things around and shopped my own storage bins and decoration stashes.

UPDATE: I got a picture of the extra things I added AFTER I got Stamp Club work done.

I added glass jars to the top of my paper holder, to coordinate with all the glass on my stamping table. The prima flowers already came in their glass jars. But the lidded jars are recent finds. In the center is a Dollar Tree basket holding spools of

This lidded jar I broke down and bought at Walmart for about $3. It holds my Basic Grey buttons.

But my favorite jar is this one because I was patient and found it at Goodwill for 97 cents. And it's bigger and cuter than my Walmart one. Second purchase from Goodwill. ;) It holds my favorite retired SU buttons.

And now back to our regularly scheduled program.

First off, the walls in my room are still purple. I am the only female in my family of four so the stamp room is the only place I can get really girlie. Hence, purple walls it is.

Soon after moving here six months ago, I made my first curtain ever...just for my new stamp room. I made a patchwork valance because I loved all the patterns in this Moda fabric! I just love charm packs! But it wasn't until this week that the girlie valance became the centerpiece of the room. Let me show you!

In the middle of designing cards for club, I decided to change my monogram wall art. This is a SIMPLE button monogram I whipped up in less than a half hour. SU's Soft Subtle Designer buttons really coordinate with my curtains. "J" is hard to make "centered" so I left the green ribbon on from the last, less awesome, homemade art I had hanging here. This is simply white cardstock framed with no glass...and buttons glue-dotted on!

Then I couldn't stop with wall art. I had to reorganize the top of my stand-up table. I needed to accent and coordinate with those curtains that hang above. Bulky sewing machine, moved to another table. Enter...clear ink pad holder and white ribbon holder from the table to which bulky sewing machine was just bumped.

And while big sewing machine is being kicked out, why not take down bulky card rack too. So under the table it went. It looks so much better there! Now there's room for more stamping staples! But where to put them??? Oh, I know! How about all those Gorilla Glue projects sitting in the closet, just waiting for use! You know, those are where I glued any glass object I could get my hands on, like bowls and vases, to $1 candlesticks. Yeah, THOSE!

Here are some up close. Tall skinny tools like ruler, bone folder, and pencil to small vase. Punches to ice cream glass. And ooooo, acrylic blocks to glass bowl! But all the glass needed some color...that matched the curtains of course. So I added paper flowers made from pastel DSP and put out front some pastel ramekins from the Target dollar spot. My boys weren't eating out of those anyways. ;)

Here you can see the ice cream glass holds 4 handheld punches really nicely.

And the $1 Dollar Tree glass containers glued to $1 candlesticks? Yeah, those are great for adhesives and scissors! I had perfect sizes for everything. Maybe because I got carried away with my Gorilla Glue? NEVER! I also added SU satin ribbon to each glass piece. And the paper flowers each have a different accessory in the center. I love these touches of pastel on the table.

Here is the whole table top. Still plenty of room to work. I do love individual spots for each type of tool. Then there's is no question when putting things away. I really stink at keeping multi-pocket totes in order. Really.

While I was having fun dragging decor out of closets for storage, it dawned on me that the cuteness of my cupcake stand was being wasted in the kitchen cabinet. How could I display it too? And what would I use for containers? Silicone cupcake holders? No, then I'd have to go shopping. SU accessory containers? No, they don't fit. Ooooo! How about the metal spice containers stored in the kitchen cabinet that haven't seen spice since the old house? I almost gave away chicken rub in those babies for Christmas! Thank goodness I didn't!

Check this out! Spice containers wrapped in same pastel DSP. MAGNETICALLY sticking in place on my metal cupcake holder. OMG, could it be more perfect?! At first I was bummed that I was two containers short. But really, two more containers would have been tight. This looks and works fantastic as is!

But oh no, I can't cheat on my SU accessory caddy! But oh no, it's black. It's not cute. It won't accent the curtain! Ah hah! Let's label it with some more of the DSP! That always does the trick! Now I've got it. Current accessories in SU caddy. Hoarded, retired accessories in cupcake tins. Awesome.

To top it off, I love the Michael's $1 bird cage sitting on my ribbon rack. I'm keeping that there! There are actually bird prints in the curtain. So cool. But the paper flowers I had in there, just not cutting it. Shoot, I should have bought that bird ornament on clearance at target for 50 cents. I knew I would someday have use for a miniature glass bird! Oh well, no shopping at midnight. Enter...bird stamp from Cheap Talk. Sweet! I just caged a rubber stamp.

By this time, I'm deliriously giddy with stamp room organizing AND decorating. So why not cover the bill sorter hanging on the wall. You know, in the same coordinating DSP. Who said you can have too much pink, purple, green, and yellow in one room!? It's starting to feel like Easter at this point. But no, it's girl room...not Easter.

And dare, dare, DARE I admit at 1am or so, after I had no more organizing/decorating ideas in me, I start rearranging LARGE furniture?! Oh yes I did! Not the stand-up table, don't worry. Not the hutch or the armoire either. But I did move the wooden "sewing/office" table (but put it back) and the white school furniture piece. That sucker was heavy, and I was sure my back would be out the next day. But it was just too hard to resist! Moving it opened up my space SO MUCH! Now I can move freely from stand-up table to sewing/computer table. Stamp, check e-mail, stamp, read blog, stamp, check e-mail...and so on.

THEN I had to finish up stamp club as it was the next day. Ack! I get so sidetracked. But today I've added a few more touches to the room that I will have to show later. I don't have pictures yet.

I hope you enjoyed my new stamping room. My stamping mojo is so back now! I can't wait to hang out in here a lot more! Thanks for caring. ;)

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Mandy said...

yay! super cute! i think i am done organizing in my space...for now anyway! hope to post pics soon!

Laura M. said...

Very inspirational! I just took all my stamping/scrap stuff up to our spare bedroom and I may steal many of your ideas!!!

JenMarie said...

Eeek...looks FABULOUS!!!

Leanne said...

There's so many things I love about this room. I love the girly colors, all the special touches you've added, the creative storage ideas, and so on. I put that little bird cage in my daughter's room. I hung it from the ceiling with some ribbon. I love it. Thanks for linking to We're Organized Wednesday. I'll be featuring this later today.

Mandy said...

love the goodwill apothecary jar! i want one too!!!

June K. said...

Wow Jamie, you went all out with your reorganization. So girlie and so cute. Everything looks so nice.

Angela aka disneychick said...

I love all the stuff in your craft room! I can't wait until my hubby retires, and we stop moving around, so I can paint my walls purple!! That is one of my favorite colors! Your craft room is beautiful!

Holly AKA KopyKat said...

okay, I am jealous! I love all the glass and the buttons, you are amazing...organized and it's cute!