Saturday, August 28, 2010

The New Organizer

When I got an 80% coupon from Joann's in the mail, so began my mission to find a great deal for the stamp/homeschool room. I came up with this "cutting table" which retails for $200, and I got it for $40. Woohoo!

This hopefully finished off my crazy organizing obsession in that room for now. Nothing like "back-to-school" and starting Stamp Clubs this fall to set me into a full organizing frenzy!
As I started to move things around, after I put this together all by myself for two became clear that this was going to house mostly school stuff as opposed to stamping. The "tabletop" is really high. I'm 5'2", and it rests just under my "chest" (if you catch my drift). I much prefer my lifted up table for standing work, it is not near this high.

But the top is perfect for my laminating machine which has already started to see a lot of action with school prep. Boys aged 3 and 4 need a lot of things laminated...think dirty fingers and not so gentle hands.

The 12" slots are perfect for our practical activity trays. I know my scrapbookers are cringing right now that these are not being used for 12x12. I know, I know....maybe later.

Most of my closet it used for school too.

But I hung hooks inside the closet for all those scrapbooking bags! I just love my Amy Butler bag.

I finally have room for the fun little accessory caddy from SU. Here it proudly sits on my stamping hutch. The side drawers of the hutch are mostly home office supplies.

But the big cabinet of the hutch is great for storing xyron supplies, the bulky light table, and all those plastic containers I accumulate! Oh, and retired accessories that I just can't part with yet.

The inside of my armoire is a happy place. The top shelf houses my Bigz Big Shot dies. The bottom two shelves are mostly for sewing. But the three-drawer organizer has stamp stuff like watercolor tools, scissors, random markers, handheld punches, etc.

The bottom drawer of the hutch is organized chaos. Here are my envelopes, crimper, heat tool, stamp-a-majig, and random containers. ???

My white tower has three pink buckets with card samples. Glad to finally have a place for these! The books are my homeschool plans, easy to grab and go. Then I have containers of loose pictures that didn't make the scrapbooks. And the basket is 3-D items recently made at Clubs.

Hope you enjoyed the organizing tour!


Holly AKA KopyKat said...

you are amazing, love all the organization!

Mandy said...

YAY! awesome tour!!!

Angie Imler said...

You are so organized! How did you get the 80% off coupon?

Jamie Kaufmann said...

ya know angie, that is the big question. none of my friends in town got a flyer with a coupon. i'm the one who moved and it came to me at this new address. it was a weekend scratch off coupon, for 40, 50, 60, 70, or 80%. it was really my lucky day. even on splitcoast only one other person in the country said they got 80%. i'm sure others did but there are many on splitcoast who probably would have reported in if they had gotten it. there goes my luck for the next 5 years i'm afraid.

Janet Eisenhauer said...

love the room, you have a place for everything. I'm jealous my space is about 4x4. hope one day when my kids grow up, ha i will have a larger space