Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Milk Glass Storage

I know I just showed you my new stamp room organization with see-through glass. And it was a step in the right direction.

But then I started dreaming about using milk glass. And boy, does it work! First off, I found most of these pieces at thrift stores for usually under a dollar. That's less expensive than plastic containers in the dollar spot at Target! I did however impatiently purchase a pair of pieces on Ebay for a decent price. With shipping, they came to $5.50 a piece but it was worth it to finish off the plans I had for my space. :)

From left to right, vase holds ruler (56 cents Goodwill). Goblet holds pencils and bone folder ($5.50 Ebay). Goblet holds punches (under $1 Goodwill). Candy dish holds clear blocks (56 cents Goodwill). Candy dish holds adhesive ($5.50 Ebay). Planter holds scissors (99 cents Salvation Army).

I moved my accessory holders off of the table so it doesn't look so cluttered.

Cupcake retired accessories stand to tower shelf.

Stampin Up Accessory Caddy to the top of stacking drawers.

Then I was having such fun and luck finding milk glass at all the thrift stores in town, that I couldn't just stop with the stamping table. The obsession poured over onto the hutch. I have been wanting to paint this hutch white. But now that the white pieces pop against the cream, I think I might leave the hutch cream. What do you think?

Most of these pieces are holding ribbon right now, random pieces I have cut up. Bottom left planter (56 cents Goodwill), large fruit bowl! ($1.49 Salvation Army), oblong dish (75 cents family thrift), candy dish (56 cents Goodwill).

The second shelf has a fun green dish I liked. It's EO Brody, who also made milk glasses. I got it for 56 cents at Goodwill. The third shelf large vase came from Goodwill ($3.96, geez!). Top shelf is random purple vase that I'm going to put a paper flower in (56 cents Goodwill) and a green Indiana Glass Candy Dish ($2.50 family thrift).

Now I really love my purple walls with all the white and dark colored dishes!

Another thing I was loving at the thrift stores were the glass ice cream dishes. So I picked some up (33 cents & 56 cents) and found a place for them on my Creative Memories shelf. I'm weeding out the plastic jars I guess.

And this is not the stamp room but the milk glass obsession also poured over into other parts of my house. I was finding these cut bud vases and have them displayed in my kitchen window (33 cents to 99 cents at Goodwill's and Salvation Army's).

I so hope I am done shopping for and collecting glass. I just wanted to get all this organized NOW and then be done with it. I get crazy like that. You know....

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Mandy said...

looks great! i am loving my milk glass pieces too!

Leanne said...

I love your unusual use of containers. Thanks for linking to We're Organized Wednesday.

Angela aka disneychick said...

Love it! I have a ton of milk glass here at my house in storage...might have to break it out for the craft room! :D

Holly AKA KopyKat said...

this is so fabulous! Loven all the glass.