Monday, January 17, 2011

Card Organization

Does this look like organized chaos to you? Well, it's a big accomplishment for me. During a weekend crop, I organized cards I had on hand. I filed them by month and by whom they will go to for birthdays and other occasions. Then I made a few cards to fill in holes where I didn't already have an appropriate card made...mostly masculine cards.

In the front I have an index card with birthday dates listed by month. Then I used index cards to make dividers by months. And I put an individual sticky note on each card with the person's name and birthdate. There should be no excuse for not getting birthday cards out this year!

When I get another good chunk of time, I may write out all the envelopes so these are really ready to go out when it's time. :)

I put the cards in a clear shoebox from the dollar store. And on the right side I have more cards that I've made that can be plugged into the filing system. They only go into the file system when I can designate a person and date for one of my handmade cards.

How about you? Do you have a good system for getting your cards out on time to special people in your life?

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Holly AKA KopyKat said...

My System? Let's see...... so and so's birthday just passed. I get ten minutes and make a quick card and then it sits for another week or two and I fill it out and then it sits for another week and then I mail it about a month late.... I really like your system!

Becky@OrganizingMadeFun said...

That is so great that you have thought that far ahead. I don't think I've thought that far ahead for birthdays...they seem to pop up so quickly! I'm very impressed!

Becky B.
Organizing Made Fun

Leanne said...

I have a system. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I need to be better. Yours looks like it would work perfectly. Thanks for linking to We're Organized Wednesday.

Sandy Jenney - Organize with Sandy said...

I think it is great that you are making and sending them! Awesome
Great job on organizing them.
I found you on Organize and Decorate everything and would love for you to stop by and link up on my Organizing Mission Monday link party.
Hope to see you there!