Thursday, July 1, 2010

Target Nut Containers = Craft Organizers

I love raw almonds so I buy these often at Target for about $4. Great for topping yogurt or for a quick snack. But they sell many types of nuts in these containers, if raw almonds don't float your boat.

I figured out that these fit perfectly on my Making Memories shelf! I just wash them out when I'm done with the nuts, take off the label, and use a little Goo Gone to get off the sticky stuff. And my friend Terry enlightened me to the fact that I can use my Staz On Ink Remover to get date stamps off of containers like these! I'm thinking I also heard the Magic Eraser also works?

See those larger containers? Those are the ones made for the shelf. So these nut containers match them almost perfectly. Both are made out of plastic with plastic silver lids. Cute!

Off to eat more nuts!


Mandy said...

great idea....and yummo to almonds!

Holly said...

What a great idea! I need to get shelves and get organized, and this is a very cute and I like seeing what's in the containers. TFS