Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Catalog Shares!

Happy New Catalog Day! I promised to offer some product shares from the new catalog, and here they are!

Some of these shares are projections based on mini catalogs that aren't even out yet. So prices and offerings are subject to change if I am guessing wrongly. Also, upcoming minis may offer more potential share ideas, like our beloved Sweet Pea collection. Remember THAT one?! So I do reserve the right to tweak the Share Schedule as needed.

But I did want to show you my tentative ideas so you can plan, plan, PLAN your new catalog wish lists and purchases for the next several months! Take a look:

JULY ~ Designer Paper Share ~ $15
60 sheets of 6x6 from 8 DSP's in the new catalog
12 sheets of 6x6 from 2 DSP's in the Summer Mini

AUGUST ~ Narrow Taffeta & In-Color Poly Ribbon Share ~ $12
13 yards of narrow taffeta in 13 colors
5 yards of poly in 5 colors

SEPTEMBER ~ Designer Paper Share ~ $15 (approximate estimate)
60 sheets of 6x6 from the other 8 DSP's in the new catalog
possibly 12 sheets of 6x6 from 2 DSP's in the upcoming Holiday Mini? (this is a guess)

OCTOBER ~ Buttons & Brads Share ~ $15
72 Designer Buttons in 24 colors
24 Flower Brads in 24 colors

NOVEMBER ~ Wide Satin & Crochet Ribbon Share ~ $12
13 yards of wide satin ribbon in 13 colors
2 yards of crochet ribbon in 2 patterns

DECEMBER ~ Wide & Narrow Grosgrain Ribbon Share ~ $12
13 yards of wide grosgrain in 13 colors
13 yards of narrow grosgrain in 13 colors

JANUARY ~ Print Patterns DSP & Occasions Mini DSP Share ~ $15
90 sheets of 6x6 in 45 colors
possibly 12 6x6 sheets from the upcoming Occasions Mini DSP's? (this is a guess)

FEBRUARY ~ Wide Taffeta Ribbon Share ~ $12
13 yards of wide taffeta in 13 colors

You may pick and choose the shares that you want to participate in. I plan to take orders the first of each month for that month's share. Shares do not count toward Stamp Club minimums. And share spots are limited so try to sign up right away or you may miss out. Your share is not reserved until I receive your payment.

You can purchase the Designer Paper Share easily by using the BUY NOW button below! I also take checks if you prefer. Email me if you need my address. Thanks!

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