Thursday, February 6, 2014

Valentine Kits $10 ~ SOLD OUT

Hello Crafty Friends!  Even though I'm quite sick of winter, dangerous travels, and falling in a snowy parking...I do have a special place in my heart for February.  It's my birthday month and a week from my birthday is Valentine's Day.  It actually happens to be a really good month to coop up and craft...and for me that usually means I am hustling to finish my scrapbook from the year before.  So all in all, winter isn't too bad minus the concussion I'm recovering from.  ;)

Last night in my concussion-ary stillness, I was itching to do something with my hands.  My kind husband was not letting me do housework so I sneaked down to the stamp room and started creating Valentine kits for you.  Ha, ha...I'm such a rebel.  

I only had enough supplies to make 3 kits.  

The kits are $10 each and will make 4 Valentine cards.  
  • 4 card bases
  • 4 envelopes
  • 4 doily hearts in two colors
  • 5 double-sided designer papers in 4x6"
  • 2 clear buttons
  • 2 large pearls
  • 4 pieces of twine
  • 4 die-cut sets of XO, also embossed

Here are two cards that I made.  You could make TWO of each similar to these styles.  Two will use pearls and two will use clear buttons.  The cool thing about double-sided papers is that you can make all your cards unique with your own designs.  

Choose one of the designer paper sheets to cut into 1.5" x 4" strips for the four cards.  My strips are not the same in these two cards because I was using up scraps of mine, but your strips should be the same to be able to make 4 cards with the other 4 sheets of paper.  

If you wanted a vintage feel, sponge brown ink around all the pieces.  :)  




The kits are first come first serve.  Remember, I only have three.  Shipping is $3 if you are long-distance.  

Have a great day and stay warm!

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