Friday, January 24, 2014

Drop-In Scrapping ~ Title Page

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Hello Friends!

It's a new year, and that means I am gung-ho about my scrapbooking right now!  My method is that I made a 12x12 family album each year, but I'm really bad about saving all the work for the end of the year.  I was all geared up for easy drop-in scrapbooking for my 2013 album, and I do think it's going to make my life easier.  But I'm still a bit behind on gettin' her done.  

I have Jan through November pictures printed and dropped in.  I have December pictures to print and drop.  
Right now I'm working on "decorating" the slots that I left empty and embellishing some of the pictures with quick notes.  

For 2013, my pages are very picture-heavy, and it shouldn't take me too long to do the fun, additional crafting work.  It's all out on my kitchen table, and I am plugging away!  

I really want to inspire you to simplify your scrapbooking, especially if you find that you feel "way too behind".  Although, I think we all are!  It just bothers some more that it does others.  I want to show you how I'm using my SU supplies to do this album.  I kind of wish I had left more slots open for crafting because I love using up my designer papers for this project!  I'm definitely leaving more slots open for my 2014 album.  

But anyways, I want to post my pages for you as I get them done.  I hope to have them posted here at the blog.  But that is the most time-consuming way for me to share...and time is of the essence for getting this album done.  

If you are on Instagram, I am easily posting the pages there.  Just follow me at milkallergymom.  :)

If you are on Facebook, please consider liking my Jamie's Stamping Cafe page.  I post more often there than here.  You can see things I'm selling, projects I've done, chatter about new stuff, etc.  I highly recommend joining us there as I may not get everything posted here all the time.  

I would love to hear about your own crafting adventures in 2014.  Let us know what you are up to!  :)  

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