Friday, May 31, 2013

It's $5 Friday ~ Vintage Style

I have so much fun perusing resale shops for cute, vintage organizing items.  I actually collect a little more than I need sometimes.  So if any of you also appreciate quality items with some charm and character, I can start offering some of my finds for $5 Fridays!  

Today I have a handful of items I am parting with.  

Here are two milk glass mixing bowls.  But they would look great in any craft room!  I love milk glass in mine!  Each of the bowls will be $5.  The smaller with the pouring spout is marked Pyrex USA.  The larger one isn't marked, but has two great side handles that give it a little character.  Cards and ribbon not included...just props.  ;)

Then here I have more items.  On the left is a green glass candy dish on a pedestal.  It can store ribbon, accessories, whatever!  The middle item is a milk glass vase that I have loose ribbon in.  And the last is not vintage glass but something that I put together with a charming bowl and candlestick.  

I love the lines on that green's now on the left here.  

If you are interested in any of these items, they are all $5 each without the stamping supplies.  Contact me to take your dibs!  :)  

And happy Friday!  Rain, rain, go away....

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