Wednesday, March 27, 2013

e-cloth ~ Electronics Cleaning Pack

If you are reading this, then you are more than likely on your computer, laptop, or smart phone often...surfing blogs and Facebook, shopping love your electronics and you know it!  :)

That's why I wanted to tell you about an effective, easy, and safe way to keep your precious gadgets clean, clear, and shiny!  If you are like me, sometimes the electronics are a little neglected in the cleaning department.  But think of all the germs, dirt, and grime that they must collect as much as we use them on a daily basis.  

I am very happy that e-cloth includes electronic cleaning in their home cleaning line.  And right now you can get the Electronics Spray Cleaner and the Electronics Cloth together, on sale, in an Electronics Cleaning Pack.  

When I started purchasing e-cloths as a customer....six orders in two weeks, mind you....Jeff asked, "Does e-cloth have something to clean electronic screens with?"  What a great question!  

And I had the answer.  I knew e-cloth sold something for electronics.  But to be honest, it looks like some weird contraption, and I just wasn't sure about that.  

CleanSafe TV, Computer, Personal Electronics Screen Cleaning & Protection Pack

Despite the weird packaging, I HAD wanted to try the electronics cleaner and cloth, but I didn't want Jeff to judge me for how many e-cloths I had already purchased.  But now, here he was, practically telling me to buy more.  Place another order?  Really?  OK!  

First, I told him that the cleaner and cloth had been sold on QVC and there was a video.  So as any very romantic couple would do, we had a date night moment where we sat and watched the QVC taping together.  Aw, how sweet!  

You can watch it, too.  Grab your guy, pop some popcorn, and ya go!  

QVC always seals the deal, doesn't it?!  ;)

Jeff said, "Let's get it."  I said, "Cool, can I add another General Purpose Cloth while I'm at it?"  HA!  

Once we got the electronics cleaning stuff, Jeff became obsessed with cleaning all the screens on the televisions, his reader, his i-Pod, his phone.  And even though I expected Jeff to become our resident electronics cleaning man, I have actually become hooked on taking care of my own devices with e-cloth.  I love how slick, clean, and shiny they are!  You know...remember how clean they were when you first got them?  That's how clean I am talking!

Important Note:  If you have already have home cleaning e-cloths like General Purpose and Glass Polishing, don't use those on your electronic screens.  The microfibers "pull" grime and bacteria so well that they can take off protective coatings on your screens.  However, I do use a damp General Purpose on my keyboards and around screens, just not ON them.  

I also love that the cleaning spray is non-toxic and non-aerosol.  Good for the environment and right in line with the e-cloth mission.  And it not only cleans, but adds a protective layer.  

I highly recommend cleaning your electronics with these, and picking up this pack while it's on sale for over 1/2 off!  

The QVC price on the Electronics Cleaning Pack was $24.55 after shipping.  Right now we have it priced at $11.99 with FREE shipping in our e-cloth store here at Milk Allergy Mom.  :)  

Scroll down a little further to add it to your cart and enjoy the convenient and secure check-out through Paypal using your Paypal account or a credit/debit card.  

If you have any questions, just ask.

Free Shipping.  300 Wash Performance Guarantee.

CleanSafe TV, Computer, Personal Electronics Screen Cleaning & Protection Pack

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