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New Blog Name!

As you may see from our new header, I am going to start incorporating some info about cleaning with e-cloths at this blog now.  At my other blog, Milk Allergy Mom, we started selling these chemical-free cleaning cloths as part of our mission to help allergy families.  But really, chemical-free cleaning is for everyone!  

I think you, my crafty friends, will like the quickness and cost savings that comes with using e-cloths.  My cleaning time is literally now cut in half...not to mention that my family is now also getting on board with the household chores more.  And with not buying chemicals and e-cloths lasting about 6 years, e-cloths save a lot of money, too!  Those are two things that we crafters need more of:  TIME AND MONEY!  More time and more money for playing and crafting!  Can I get an "amen, Sister!"?

So let me tell you a little bit (ok, a lot) about e-cloth and why I love the product so dang much!

These high-end microfiber cloths are scientifically proven to pick up over 99% of common household bacteria.  That means you don't need chemicals to clean most surfaces.  With just water, e-cloth was proven to remove more bacteria than bleach!

Cutting-edge microfiber technology happens in Asia, and e-cloths are made in Korea.  The factory works with e-cloth to continually come up with new textile innovations.  The e-cloth factory in Korea also adheres to strict fair labor rules and is checked on by the e-cloth company regularly.

e-cloth has been in the U.K. since 1995 and has become Europe's number one chemical-free cleaning company.  They guarantee their product for 300 washes, and that means up to 6 years with once-a-week machine washings. 

In the last five years, e-cloth has expanded into Canada, the U.S. and South America.  We are fortunate to be part of spreading the word about chemical-free cleaning. 

e-cloth has been recommended by many companies such as Bosch and Electrolux.

e-cloth also gets the UK's Allergy Friendly seal of approval.

And Real Simple magazine e-cloth products as "Best Cleaning Product" in 3 categories in Spring 2012:

e-cloth's Deep Clean Mop ~ Best Washable Mop
e-cloth's Washing Up Pad ~ Best Scrubber
e-cloth's General Purpose Cloths ~ Best Overall

Microfiber technology allows e-cloths to actually pick up crud instead of just smear it around.  No more corralling all the dirt and grime into a corner and then trying to retrieve it into a cotton rag.  Just do some back and forth motions with a damp e-cloth and surfaces come squeaky clean and dry quickly. 

No more spraying a chemical onto the surface, wiping with a wet rag, rinsing with a water rag, and drying with a dry towel.  Ack!  Too many steps and boo chemicals!

What about grease and tough grime?  With e-cloths, I have cleaned tough grease off my stove hood with just water, gotten soap scum out of the tub with no cleaning products, and Jeff is having too much fun cleaning out disgusting coffee pots at his office.  He had his co-worker clean this coffee pot with a damp General Purpose e-cloth on the end of a knife.  Jeff said the coffee pot didn't even smell like coffee anymore! 

Not only does quality microfiber pick up gunk amazingly well, but it also releases over 99% of bacteria  when rinsed in a faucet.  After a cleaning job, just rinse the cloth in warm water with a little soap and hang it to dry.  These cloths dry quickly, within hours, and then they are like new again because the bacteria is gone. 

No more smelly cloths.

The cloth that Jeff used on the coffee pot just got rinsed in hot water with a little soap, and then we continued to use it on other jobs! 

I do wash our cloths about once a week as a matter of principle.  The cloths have specific washing instructions to help them last for years. 

With e-cloth, cleaning is so safe and easy, that everyone can get involved! 

Remember, you are just using water so even small children can help and succeed.   

My husband actually likes to help me clean with e-cloths because he is still in the "astonished stage". 

And now I'm just in charge of the few chemical cleaning jobs we have left:  inside toilets, inside the oven, dishes, and laundry.  That's it. 

When Real Simple magazine featured e-cloth's General Purpose Cloths, they were right when they said not all microfiber is created equal.  e-cloth is not the same as big box store microfiber.  The difference is that e-cloth washes up great, lasts for years, and gives fantastic results! 

But e-cloth price points are literally 1/3 to 1/2 that of other high-end microfiber companies.  There's just not a lot of mark-up at e-cloth because we sell direct to customers, and I love that!

Not only does e-cloth have the best price points for high-end microfiber, but we also ship ANY size orders for FREE within the lower 48 states!  I put in 6 consecutive orders within two weeks as a customer because it didn't cost me any shipping to keep shopping and keep trying more product.  That's pretty awesome for an online store!

If you are in the market to shop for some chemical-free cleaning cloths, we hope that you will shop at our store, e-cloth Allergy Friendly, with the pink cupcake. 

Please spread the word about chemical-free cleaning.  Your friends will thank you for sharing a safer, healthier, and easier way to clean!  And of course, we would love you to send them our way.  :)

I always suggest starting out with the General Purpose Cloth as it is very versatile and can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, for dusting, and even on windows when paired with a Glass & Polishing Cloth.  Plus, it was chosen as the "Best Overall Cleaning Product" by Real Simple! 

Thank you for all your support, and we look forward to continually sharing more about e-cloth along with plenty of crafting and organizing (as always) with you!  If you have any questions, please ask.

General Purpose Cloth

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