Monday, October 1, 2012

Winter Cards Kit Offer for MSM Readers!

Welcome Money Saving Mom readers!  I am just tickled to be partnering with Crystal to offer you one of my no-fuss card kits!  If you like hand-crafting simple cards on a budget, with the newest products on the market, with supplies cut and ready to assemble, delivered to your door....then you are in the right place!  Or heck, if you consider yourself non-crafty, but would love to give handmade cards a try...these kits are so easy and perfect for you too!  

Since Christmas is right around the corner, and it may take a month for you to receive your kits...I am offering a winter themed set of cards.  While some of these are definitely Christmas-y, the snowflake and mitten cards can be used all winter long.

Here are some uses for these handmade cards:
  • Christmas Cards ~ include a wallet picture of your family tucked inside
  • Gift Card Holders ~ add a special touch to your gift card giving this year!
  • Birthday, Thank-You, Thinking of You Cards ~ the snowflake and mitten cards can be used all winter long for general use
  • Gifts ~ assemble the cards, wrap them in a bow, and present them as a gift to teachers, hair-dressers, and loved ones this Christmas
  • Scrapbooking ~ get creative and use your supplies for scrapbooking instead! 

Supplies Included:
Each kits contains the supplies you need to make 8 cards.  You will be able to make 2 of each of the 4 designs shown above.  Your kits also come with 8 envelopes.  While these cards are adorable 4x4 square cards, the envelopes will be standard and will only require 1 postage stamp.  

Double-Sided Adhesive ~ That's all you need at home to assemble these cards! 

Stamps and Ink ~ If you have these on hand, you can add sentiments to the inside of your cards!

Double-Sided Papers ~ The designer papers are double-sided so you may choose to get creative and come up with your own designs for these cards! 

Best Value ~ You are able to order multiple kits with combined shipping for the best value!

1 Kit ~ 8 Cards ~ $10 shipped
2 Kits ~ 16 Cards ~  $18 shipped
3 Kits ~ 24 Cards ~ $24 shipped

Ordering information:
  • All MSM orders will be shipped via USPS.
  • All MSM orders must be placed by Friday, October 5th at 11:59 pm PST, while supplies last
  • The MSM offer is available for the first 50 orders.  You will be refunded if supplies run out.
  • The MSM special prices cannot be combined with any other offer or punch card perks.
  • You may order multiple sets of card kits.


To place your order:
  • Send your payment of $10, $18, or $24 via Paypal to stampingcafe{at}
  • If supplies run out before you placed your order, Jamie will send you a refund via Paypal as quickly as possible.

Thank you again to Crystal at Money Saving Mom for posting this deal on her blog.  I have been a fan for the last 7 years.  When her thrifty encouragement seeped even into the deep crafty crevices of my life, I knew I was completely converted.  ;)  For some of us, crafting is an outlet and a love that is hard to give up, even for a tight budget.  It is my hope these kits can help my fellow, crafty, frugal friends still enjoy dabbling in paper crafts.....on budget!

Consider yourself an advanced crafter?  
Like scrapbooking?  Want more card designs? 

This year Jamie has been offering Quarterly Samplers similar to the Winter Cards Kit.  They have been a huge hit because they are simple and affordable!  These Samplers double as both card kits AND 12x12 scrapbooking kits!  

If you would like to see the 3rd Quarter Samplers that are also available for purchase until Friday, October 5th at 11:59 pm PST, click HERE.  I am offering a special on the 3rd Quarter Samplers to MSM readers as well! 


Diane said...

What a delightful package this is! I'm buying a set for my 19yo daughter Millen who has Down syndrome. She adores crafts, but needs some support and structure. This kit will be perfect for her! She will get such joy out of making the cards and sending them off to Nana, Grampa, Pastor, piano teacher... you get the picture, I'm sure:)

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Aw, thank you Diane. I appreciate you sharing your story. Your daughter sounds like a sweetheart.