Monday, March 5, 2012

Organizing with Rolling Carts

I thought you might like to see a new organizing system in the Stamp Room. I was so happy to revamp all of this. I had vacuums, card tables, and chairs cluttering up this corner. It just wasn't pretty! I had one of the carts there but the other was in school area. And another non-matching cart was in the closet.

Then one day it dawned on me that the cart should come OUT of the closet and the ugly tables and chairs and vacuums should go INTO the closet. But then the two rolling carts did not match. So I put the one unmatched cart in the school area and took the two matching carts for the Stamp Room. Isn't it funny how the obvious is right there, but sometimes it takes awhile to realize it?

I like this so much better! I put clear organizers on top of the carts too. One is a tray for business stuff. And the other cart has 12x12 holders on top. And the cute wall accessory organizer looks nice above the whole station.

I labeled all of the trays. I made sure they weren't things that I ALWAYS need when I'm sitting at the table stamping because I don't want to get up all the time. The drawers, instead, house things that I sometimes reach for...Big Shot materials, emboss powders, fabric, adhesive refills, retired ribbons, etc. For now, Jeff even gets two drawers, ha, ha! ;)

These carts are great because the drawers hold 12x12! I got them at Sam's via a good friend's membership, thanks Friend! They were originally intended for the "workbox system" for homeschooling. But once I found the boys their thrift store desks, they didn't need these carts to hold their supplies anymore. Woohoo, the Stamp Room LOVES inheriting organizational items!

Have a happy week!

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Mandy said...

yay for fun organizing!