Thursday, February 16, 2012

Accessory Organizing

These magnetic spice containers have had a lot of lives. They actually held spices on the side of our frig at our old house. Then at the new house they became my "retired SU accessory containers". I've had them on a cupcake rack, on the side of the filing cabinet, and now they have a new home. I found this metal wall art at Goodwill quite awhile ago. It took me forever to paint it. And then I still didn't know what to do with it. I was thinking of putting vinyl on it and hanging it above the stove. But then one day it dawned on me to put the spice container accessory holders on it and to hang it in the stamp room. I really like the new set up! :)

With them on the cupcake stand, they were taking up precious horizontal space. With them on the filing cabinet, the cabinet looked terribly cluttered. But I had wall space to spare and this became both decorative and functional. The containers have been covered in DSP and that adds to the decorative element.

Do you like to use unconventional storage ideas???

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Angela aka disneychick said...

Great idea! I have a few of these in jumbo size and have ribbon and lace in them! :D Love the idea!