Tuesday, November 22, 2011

SU Fabric Ornament

One day when I was moving things around in my stamp room, I came across a bag of Ball Jar lids that I stored last year. I had bought plastic lids to use on my jars instead, but figured I better save the metal lids for a rainy day project or something.

Well I was immediately inspired when I found them. I knew exactly what I could do with them. I made an ornament with SU's fabric. It took about 15 minutes. That's it.

Here were the supplies I used:

I put the fabric over the back side of the lid and then pushed it in place with the flat piece of the lid.

Then I hot glued the edges of the fabric down. I used my bone folder to push the fabric down because hot glue comes through the fabric easily and burns fingers! Ow! Ask me how I know?!

Then I took out the metal piece covered in fabric and added my hanging ribbon. I used SU's grosgrain white.

Then I put the metal piece wrapped in fabric back into the lid. I cut thick chipboard with SU's Scallop Circle Die. It fits PERFECTLY into the back of the lid to keep everything in place. You can even write a sentiment on the chipboard if you want. If you don't have the SU die, you can cut a cardboard circle by hand. It doesn't have to be scalloped.

Then I just glued a decorative red bow on the front.

SU has a variety of fabric that we can choose from. I can't wait to make several different versions of this. :)

Let me know if you give this a try! I plan to make some for our own tree and more for gifts. :)


Stamper for fun said...

Hi Jamie. . . these are absolutely darling. Such a clever idea.

June K.

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Hi June! :) Thank you for visiting. Miss ya!