Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dome Displays

I have a couple of fun new "storage" items on my stamping hutch that I thought I'd show you. Can you find the two dome pieces that I created?

This was three pieces that I put together. A dome on oak plate, an oak candle holder, and a white knob. I painted the plate and candle holder white, glued it all together, and that's it! I did have a before picture of the "lovely" dried flower display along with pipecleaner bees under the dome but dang it, I must have deleted it. Trust me, it was something.

This was also three pieces, just larger scale. Dome on oak plate, oak candle holder, and knob. Again, I just painted and glued. I love my colorful satin ribbon displayed under the dome.


Angela aka disneychick said...

Very cute idea! I might have to make some domes myself!

Holly AKA KopyKat said...

This is so cute and pretty. I cannot beleave those boys will leave this alone, you are blessed!

June K. said...

Love your display. . . so pretty and clean looking. Love the ribbons in the dome.