Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chalkboard Vinyl Organizer

I know I showed this before, but I have made improvements that I wanted to share. :)

This is the Curly Sign Chalk Vinyl from Stampin' Up. I have this stuck to the side of my refrigerator. It can be pulled off anytime when I'm "over it".

I was finding myself making so many lists for different things so this was a great solution to having all my lists in one spot, in site, and even displayed cutely.

The Curly Sign comes in 12x12 for $15.95 or 15x15 for $18.95. I used the 12x12.

Then I used designer paper to give it a theme. You can use any paper you want to match your decor. I made four quadrants using the papers to categorize my lists. I even made cute paper flowers and glued them to magnets. They accessorize the display, but we also use them as magnets for school papers and such when we need them.

One of my improvements was the mesh locker organizer I found at Target during back-to-school clearance. I think it was $2? I keep a pen and extra paper cut down for my lists in here. Other random things find their way in here, but I cleaned it out for you. ;)

Another really cool improvement is that I just learned about chalk MARKERS. Oh yeah, my favorite word, "marker". So I had to head to the craft store to get me some! I just love their crisp look compared to old school chalk. They clean off just great with a wet rag too.

You can also see how I attach each list. I made little button magnets by hot gluing Stampin' Up buttons to strong magnet discs from the craft store.

I've had this system going since the summer, and it's still keeping me organized. I love it! I may switch out the designer papers sometime, and will have to come back to show you when it's all refreshed and new.

If you would like see SU's chalkboard vinyl, this is the brochure.

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Mandy said...

super cute! i love this!!!

Leanne said...

That is so cute. And so many great ideas. I need to try those chalk markers. They look soooo much better than regular chalk. THanks for linking to We're ORganized Wednesday.

LDH said...

I love your chalkboard organizer. Cute and useful!

Stopping by for the first time to visit your sweet place here.

I have a daughter named Jamie (she is a twin) and she is homeschooling her children too. Well, so far just the two oldest who are in second and third grade.

Kindly, Lorraine