Saturday, July 10, 2010

Still Nesting for New Catty

How about this crazy idea? I had Command products to hang pictures without nails. It dawned on me to use these to hang half my cleaning pad on the wall next to my stamp table. My cleaning pad is the one thing that doesn't have a good home. I just move it from one surface to another to another, and it always seems in the way.

I will let you know if I end up loving this idea. I think it has potential.


Holly said...

Ah, nice organization, all clean and in the propper place, you are my hero....I want to be you when I grow up! lol.

Stamper for fun said...

Hi Jamie, I've been reading your blog and looking at your organizational ideas. Everything looks great. Although we have corresponded we have never met -- I am getting a picture of you -- I think you must be tall. I'm short. Some of that stuff you have high I don't think I would be able to reach. :) It's a pain be short (only time it comes in handy is sitting on a plane).


Jamie Kaufmann said...

Hi June! I am only 5'2"! But I have several step stools in my house b/c I have preschoolers. My favorite that I keep in my stamp room is a fold down stool from Walmart. :) Things I put up high, I don't grab for as much.

Stamper for fun said...

Wow, we are the same height. Never would have guessed. I guess putting things high is good when you have preschoolers :)