Friday, July 16, 2010

Designer Paper Shares (Round 1) Ready!

If you have paid for your DSP Share, I have one cut and ready for you!

If you would like to participate, you can conveniently pay your $15 via my Paypal button at the top right of my blog. Or contact me if you want to pay with cash or check. I still need a couple people to fill a second share.

For $15, you get 60 sheets of 6x6 from 10 different packs of SU double-sided papers. For the July shares, I chose 8 papers from the new catalog and the 2 papers from the mini catalog. In September, we will do the other half from the catalog and probably 4 papers from the upcoming mini.

What, you want to see the July shares up close and personal? Well, OK!

Blueberry Crisp ~ Side One

Blueberry Crisp ~ Side Two

Island Oasisi ~ Side One

Island Oasis ~ Side Two

Sunny Garden ~ Side One

Sunny Garden ~ Side Two

Travel Journal ~ Side One

Travel Journal ~ Side Two

Presto Patterns Specialty (white card stock embossed in white, for shimmer paints & sponged ink) ~ One Side Only

Sorry this is hard to see

Play Date ~ Side One

Play Date ~ Side Two

Wicked Fun Specialty ~ Side One (card stock, felt accents!)

Wicked Fun ~ Side Two

Elegant Soiree ~ Side One

Elegant Soiree ~ Side Two

Woodland Walk ~ Side One

Woodland Walk ~ Side Two

Jolly Holiday ~ Side One

Jolly Holiday ~ Side Two

While each pack of DSP runs $9.95 - $11.95 before SH and tax, $15 for all this assortment is a great deal! I would love to cut another share! Don't forget the handy Paypal button!


Holly said...

Oh yes, there is a Christmas in July, and the dsp shares is like several presents all piled into one great gift! How exciting. And at a really great deal. LOVE the paper shares and can't wait to get my hands on it. Though I will need to look up what to do with the presto papers again. lol.

MEL said...

Are you still doing the paper share? If so I am interested. ;)

Jamie Kaufmann said...

hey mel! i am!