Friday, June 18, 2010

Raised Table

Looky! I raised a table in my stamping room! And it cost under $10 to do.

This is the table where I plan to do cutting, Big Shot work, and probably stand-up stamping. So I wanted it up to a comfortable height, similar to the height of my kitchen island. I did some measuring and the off to Lowes I went. I had read that PVC pipes work as great table extenders!

The table is a 6' resin table that I got at Menards on a holiday sale for $35. They told me they are usually on sale around holidays when people need extra seating for dinners and such. For the PVC pipes, I bought two pieces that were 2 feet long each and 1 1/2 inch around. The legs of my table measure 1 1/4 inch so I knew they would fit into 1 1/2" pipes. The pipes just slide onto the legs until they hit the curve of the leg. There is no screwing or anything like that. The pipes cost under $2 each.

Jeff did have to cut the 2 foots pipes into 1 foot pieces. Each 12" pipe covered 5 inches of the table legs and then added another 7 inches to the table height.

My biggest cost was $5 spray paint because I didn't want these to be white with printing on them, like they come. I've seen others do this and the white makes your table look like a wrapped horse! I really wanted gray spray paint to match the legs but black was the closest they had. Still better than white.

The table is actually still very sturdy. I am pleased. But I am also on the hunt for 2" casters to put on the bottom of each PVC pipe.

This was much more economical than building an island with cabinets and countertops or even buying a ready-made island...although those would be fun! For now this will work and will save my back. I am excited to be able to stand and stamp comfortably. But I also have a stool I can pull up if I want to.


Mandy said...

yeah! what a great island solution!

Theresa Tyree said...

This is So great! Isn't it nice to have a handy hubby??