Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Stamp Room

So sorry for the lack of posts recently. The move and home renovation have been crazy. I've finally come to terms with the fact that we aren't going to be "settled" for quite awhile. But I continue on my painting mission day after day.

Many of you have asked for a peek at the new craft room. Here is one corner. The hutch used to be in our old kitchen. I was excited to get it for the craft room in the new house! It used to have doors on the top but one got cracked in half during the move. I was sad for a couple minutes til I realized that open storage might be a cool thing. The big cabinet below holds my bulky items like laminating machine and light table. The drawers are for my home office supplies. The laptop sits on the hutch pretty well too. The top of the hutch is a good place for keeping supplies away from the kiddos like sewing pins and rotary cutter and my beloved copic markers!

The table is my original craft table. The chair is cute, but I'd rather have a more functional office chair.

I had a hard time arranging these furniture pieces. But I'm happy with the final layout. I can see out the door when at the table. This is a good thing since the boys are usually running all over. All moms know you should never have your back to your kids, especially two preschool boys!

I settled on purple for the stamp room. At first I thought it was too dark, but now I really like it. Paint colors take awhile to grow on me. It's a Benjamin Moore color, need to look up the name.

The white shelf was a new purchase right before the move. Jeff has so much work to do around the house so I was really tickled when he took the time to hang this for me.

I hope you like your first peek! There is more to come. :)


Theresa Tyree said...

Hey sweet! Thanks for the peek! Everything's looking great! I wish my room was done. Are you in the basement? Eric is building me a room in our basement but we don't really have the $$ to finish it, but I've been finding bargains at yard sales- a couple countertops for $100, an HP scanner/printer and an HP wireless keyboard for my room. Also, bought a laptop this weekend for grad school, but it'll double duty in my craft room! Are you going to the convention in Collinsville this weekend??

Liquid Rubber said...
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disneychickstamper said...

What a great room! It is beautiful and you did a great job! Love the color of the walls! I can't wait until hubby retires, so I can actually paint walls! Thanks for sharing and I love it!

JenMarie said...

LOOOOVE it!!!!!!!

Holly said...

Jamie, Love the room! The colors and organization are so great. Wish I could come on over and scrap with you! So nice of dh to put that up for you. So sweet.

hol said...

Love it!!

Stamper for fun said...

Hi Jamie,

Isn't it exciting to put your new craft room together. Looks great. Everything in it's place.