Monday, March 2, 2009

Jamie's Punch Card

I am offering a punch card program through the duration of the Spring/Summer 09 catalog. If you would like a card, please let me know and I can mail you one so you can keep track for yourself. Otherwise, I am keeping a punch card spreadsheet here at home too. If you would like to know how many punches you already have, feel free to contact me.

Things that do not count for punches are the $18.66 monthly marker club payment and Jamie's class fees. Jamie's product share orders DO qualify for punches.

If you choose to submit a full $150 order all at once, you will receive SU's hostess benefits as well as my bonus $15 for the punch card. Otherwise, you can make smaller purchases and when they add up to $150, you at least get the $15 punch card bonus.

Punch cards are per individual. You can use as many punch cards as you want until June 30th.

Thank you all for your support!

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