Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sizzix Alpha For Sale: You're My Cupcake $30 SOLD

Some of you may be aware of my new fascination with acquiring alphabet dies for my new Big Shot...I believe I may have a sickness. So please don't laugh at me for selling off yet another brand new alphabet about which I have a teeny tiny bit of buyer's remorse.

I was getting ready to return this to when I realized it is sold out at both and That made me realize how popular it is and that perhaps one of you might want it. I'll just return it if not but just in case...

I paid $31.50 for it. I just cut an H and I once each for a card. I'll sell it for $30. If someone long distance wants it, I can ship it flat rate priority for $4.75.

This is a 9-die set, with upper and lower case letters that are approximately 1" tall according to Sizzix. I would say the uppers are more than 1" and the lowers are less than 1". These are SIZZLIT dies so they cut through paper, cardstock, and vellum...thinner materials.

There's a good chance this might work in a Cuttlebug too. ???

Let me know if you have any questions. I had several ask for my Retro Metro alphabet so you might have to be quick on this one too if you want it. :) Thanks for looking!

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