Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cuttlekid For Sale: SOLD

I saw on Splitcoast that a lady was looking for a gently used Cuttlekid for her niece this Christmas. And that made me wonder if my own little Cuttlekid might have a better home to go to...since I have a new "big shot" in the house! :) I could have offered this to that lady, but I always like to offer up stuff to my customers and readers first. Plus, a local person would not have to pay shipping.

I purchased this in January and used it once or maybe twice. It comes with the die cut machine, A and B plates which are both necessary to die cut, and two dies (oval and cricut head). I also purchased two extra A pads, which are the cutting pads that get marked up with each cut. They eventually need replaced, and I wanted to have a couple on hand. The A & B that came with the machine are a little marked up from the couple times I used them so I am ordering a brand new set of those to include in this sale. That way you will get all the plates brand new. I can throw in the marked ones, which will work fine for a long time, but won't include those in the pricing.

As you can see the machine is still in the original packaging. I am asking $25 for everything. That's the machine, two dies, A & B plates used, A & B plates new, and 2 additional A plates brand new.

Does anyone need an adorable little die-cut machine for a child this Christmas? :) Contact me if you are interested or want more info. Thanks so much!

Additional Note: If you are a Cuttlebug owner, you may want to know that Cuttlekid dies WILL work in Cuttlebugs. So if you purchase inexpensive Cuttlekid dies, you will be able to play with them in your "bug" too. The most exciting thing about the Cuttlekid is that they have very inexpensive alphabet and number dies that will work in the Cuttlebug. I have them, but can't part with them. They work in my Big Shot as well. You will have to check out all the cute Cuttlekid dies that are out there!!!

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