Friday, August 29, 2008

Modest...But MINE!

I always love seeing other people's craft areas so I thought I'd post a picture of my "wall". Granted, the whole room used to be my stamp space complete with a large stamping table and cute decor. However, baby Graham took over half of the room a year ago. I didn't know how I would survive without all my stamping space, but I've managed. With two toddlers, I can't imagine stamping in the confines of that little room anymore. Being out on the kitchen table is much better for supervising two little ones. The worst is just dragging stuff back and forth but that's not so hard. And Graham has learned to sleep through Mommy coming in and out with a flashlight late at night, ha, ha! Someday I will have more space but until then, my wall is fine. As you can see, being organized can make up for a lot when it comes to confined areas. See that empty spot on top of the paper organizer? That will be the new home for my Big Shot when she arrives. Yay!

And if you would like to see the other half of this small room and the goings-on over there, here ya go.

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Super B's Mom said...

WOW. If I could be that organized, my life would be so much easier!! I am totally impressed!

Btw..I found you via Boys Rule My Life. :)